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[Fujayrah (United Arab Emirates)] 1:2   image by Antonio Martins
Flag adopted 1975

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Fujairah, not Sharjah, adopted the United Arab Emirates flag instead of her old plain red flag. Our archive [Archiv für Flaggenkunde] has a photograph of the palace of Fujairah with the United Arab Emirates flag flying. The flags of Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah are red with a white border, Fujairah's flag is the federal flag.

In 1975, shortly after he had come to the throne, Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed al Sharqi abolished the plain red flag and adopted the federal flag for Fujairah. Sources: a United Arab Emirates' booklet Partners for Progress 1977, and a photograph in Guide to the UAE, published by the Ministry for Tourism showing the Fujairah castle, flying the United Arab Emirates flag.
Ralf Stelter
, 2 April 1999

According to Album des Pavillons 2000, the flag of Fujeirah is the red flag. A note explains that the flag is often replaced by the Union Flag — whatever that means exactly. If I have understood what is said in FOTW rightly, this red flag was supressed, so it should not actually be there at all.
Željko Heimer, 31 July 2001

Flag 1902-1975

[Flag 1902-1975 (Fujairah, United Arab Emirates)] 1:3 down to 1:2 image by Željko Heimer

I believe that the sheik of Fujairah is related with (...) Muscat Sultan (remember that the Muscat flags were previously plain red). Fujairah was only recognized a separate independent (protected) state after 1952, when the near emirate of Kalba, governed with a collateral Kawasin dynasty, was annexed to Sharjah, governed for the main Kawasin line. In other hand a flag of Fujairah with the name in white letters flow frequently after 1952.
Jaume Ollé
, 25 October 1998

The Qawasim loss of power in Fujairah began in 1866, and since 1876 Fujairah was ruled independently by sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah. His declaration of independence in 1902 was acknowledged by all other sheikhs, but not by the British. Fujairah flew the red flag of Muscat. In 1952 the British acknowledged the independence of Fujairah. So Fujairah adopted the red flag with white border for sea going vessels. On land the plain red flag was in use. To differentiate her flags from other Gulf flags Fujairah wrote her name upon the flags. Later Fujairah returned to the plain red flag, and abolished it in 1975.

Jaume Ollé writes about the Qawasim dynasty, ruling in Ras al-Khaimah and Sharjah. That is strictly speaking wrong, as Qawasim is the plural. The singular is Qassim. So it is the Qassimi dynasty. The people belonging to it are Qawasim.
Ralf Stelter, 2 April 1999

Fujairah introduced her white name on the red flag and white bordered red ensign in 1952. Returning to the plain red flag in 1961.
Ralf Stelter, 20 April 2001

Ensign 1952-1975

[Ensign 1952-1975 (Fujairah, United Arab Emirates)] 1:3 image by Mark Sensen

In 1952 the British acknowledged the independence of Fujairah. So Fujairah adopted the red flag with white border [of the 1820 treaty] for sea going vessels. On land the plain red flag was in use.
Ralf Stelter
, 2 April 1999

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