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Green and Gold Australian National Flag variant

Last modified: 2015-06-22 by ian macdonald
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[Green and Gold Australian flag with coat of arms]
image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán and Jonathan Dixon, 30 Jun 2006

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Description and use of the flag

I have been watching on TV part of the Davis Cup Match between Australia and Argentina these days. I noticed that a very large group of Australian tennis fans were dressed in yellow, and also between all the Australian National Flags present, there was one yellow flag with a monochrome dark green drawing in the canton of something I think maybe it could be the Australian Coat of Arms. The flag has the Southern Cross and the Commonwealth Star in the normal position of an Australian National Flag... If I remember correctly the stars were dark green too.

I would like to know if someone saw this flag, and if the drawing in the canton was the Australian Coat of Arms (I could see the kangaroo and the emu bird, but I am not sure if it was used just those two supporters, or all the complete Coat of Arms).
Francisco Gregoric, 17 July 2005

I don't think the logo in the canton is the official Australian coat of arms. (It would be against the law for private citizens to use the official coat of arms in such a manner.) We Aussies often create patriotic logos based on the coat of arms's kangaroo and emu, and sometimes also the Commonwealth star (crest), with the shield replaced by another emblem.
Miles Li, 18 July 2005

In the crowd of the FIFA World Cup 2006 qualification match between Australia and Uruguay, there were a number of people waving an interesting variant on the Australian national flag - in the national colours of green and gold, and with the Union Jack replaced by the national coat of arms.
James Dignan, 19 May 2006

In the highlights of the 2006-7 Ashes series (Australia v England in cricket), fans have been waving the green-and-gold national flag variant described here. This flag seems to be mainly used/propogated by the "The Fanatics" group of fans and is available at their website. Note that the coat of arms is not the official coat of arms, which probably cannot be used in this way, but features a kangaroo and emu supporting a green shield with a yellow border and map of Australia, above a ribbon with the word "AUSTRALIA" and wattle as on official drawings of the national coat of arms.
Jonathan Dixon, 4 December 2006

Football Federation Australia version?

[Version with Football Federation Australia inscription] image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 15 Jun 2006

This yellow flag, with green stars displayed after the Australian National flag, in the canton the Australian emblem all in green, was flown by Australia's football fans during the FIFA World Cup qualifyings, especially during the definitive match vs Uruguay.
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 15 June 2004

I am not convinced that the version with the words is correct. I did finally manage to get a decent close up view of one of these flags at a recent world cup game, and there was no sign of the words on this particular flag at least.
Jonathan Dixon, 26 June 2006

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