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Presidential Flags of the Dominican Republic

Last modified: 2015-05-09 by randy young
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Presidential flag
image by Željko Heimer, 16 June 2001
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In [kan56] the proportions are 2:3, and the miniature flag in the canton is the state flag, with the arms.
Mark Sensen, 11 April 1999

Album 2000 [pay00] shows a flag with the state flag (i.e. with coat of arms) in canton and yellow anchor in fly.
Željko Heimer, 16 June 2001

Plain cross canton

Presidential flag without national COA
image by Željko Heimer, 19 June 2001

Canton shows no arms in the Album 1995 [pie90].
Ivan Sache, 11 April 1999

Incorrect reports

The Album 1995 [pie90] gives the jack as a white ensign with the in canton (without arms) and yellow anchor in fly, which most sources show for the presidential flag, while it shows for the presidential flag what most sources show for the jack. Was it error in Album 1995?
Željko Heimer, 16 June 2001

Previous presidential flags

Flag of the Generalissimo

Flag of the Generalissimo
image by Ivan Sache, 10 April 1999

General Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina (1891-1961) was elected President of the Republic in 1930. He established a tyrannic rule that would end with his assassination in 1961. Trujillo was proclaimed "Generalissimo of the National Armed Forces" (Generalísimo de los Ejércitos Nacionales) on 26 May 1933 by the Congress.

Law No. 1,684 of 16 April 1948, published on 23 April 1948 in the Official Gazette No. 6,783, which modified the Army flag, introduced the flag of the Generalissimo in the same Article 11.

The flag of the Generalissimo of the Armed Forces shall be a quadrilateral of dimensions equal to those of the national flag, horizontally divided into two equal parts, the upper white and the lower ultramarine blue. The upper corner shall be charged with a flag of the national colours, of dimension one fourth of the national flag. In the center of the lower part, in the ultramarine blue stripe, shall be placed symmetrically the coat of arms of the Republic in the national colours, surrounded by five white stars as on the Army flag.
Ivan Sache, 9 December 2014

Flag of the Generalissimo: This is one of the five Dominican naval flags in Flaggenbuch (1939-1941) [neu39]. (The others are war ensign and jack; civil ensign; flag of rear-admiral, head of a flotilla; and admiral flag)
Ivan Sache, 10 April 1999

Admiral-in-Chief and Head of State

Flag of the AiC and HoS
image by Mark Sensen, 13 April 1999

[car56] gives a flag of the Admiral-in-Chief and Head of State: royal blue with the national flag in the first quarter, in the fly 4 white stars placed two and two. I presume this flag replaced the Generalissimo's and was later replaced by the current presidential flag.
Mark Sensen, 13 April 1999

Presidential sash

Presidential sash detail   Presidential sash
images by Eugene Ipavec, 24 January 2010

Here are some photos of Dominican Republic presidential sash.
Aleksandar Nemet, 21 January 2010

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