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Olivier Touzeau

Meet the Illustrator

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At the French-speaking micronations
summit in Vincennes, July 2018

Flag plate in Royaumes d'aventure book

Olivier Touzeau - Fontenay-sous-Bois - France

    [FOTW giffers flag]
His Personal Flag
FOTW Giffer Flag

     I was born in 1973 and grew up in Epernon, France. I have always been interested in geography, maps and flags, and I remember having spent time when I was a kid reading flag plates in encyclopaedias and copying and redrawing the flags that I saw. My first contact with vexillology as a science happened when I discovered in a library the French edition of Whitney Smith's Flags Through the Ages and Across the World, and I began in the 1990s to collect flags and flag images. I am especially interested in historical flags and subnational flags throughout the world and particularly in France.

     Fond of geopolitical oddities, short-lived states and micronations, I have created a micronational artistic project in 2000; the Empire of Angyalistan is a quantum micronation whose territory is the horizon, and my personal flag is the imperial standard of this entity.

     I am, since 2017, the Secretary-General of the Organization of French-speaking Micronations. In 2018, I organized the second summit of French-speaking micronations in Vincennes and a very careful attention was, of course, given to the flags flown during this event.

Olivier Touzeau, 29 May 2020

Favorite Illustrations:

We asked Olivier to choose his six favorite flag images from the more than 2150 images he has made for Flags of the World.
These were his choices:

Image by Olivier Touzeau
Image by Olivier Touzeau
Image by KOlivier Touzeau
Image by Olivier Touzeau
Image by Olivier Touzeau
Image by Olivier Touzeau

Past Projects and Honors:

  • In 2007, Olivier designed the city flag for Vincennes, France.
  • In 2015-2016, Olivier worked with Bruno Fuligni on his book about micronations Royaumes d'aventure; drawing the flag plate and all the vexillological illustrations of the book.
  • Since 2017, Olivier has been the Secretary-General of the Organization of French-speaking Micronations.
  • Nominated for Vexillologist of the Year in 2018 for his tireless efforts aimed at the increase and improvement of vexillological knowledge.

Contact Information

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