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City of Cádiz (Cádiz Province, Andalusia, Spain)

Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Cádiz

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[Cádiz city (Andalusia, Spain)]
image by José Luis Cepero, 21 Sep 2005
[Cádiz city (Andalusia, Spain)]
image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 28 Nov 2009

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The flag and arms of Cádiz were approved by the Provincial Council and submitted on 2 December 2008 to the General Directorate of Local Administration, which confirmed them by Decree on 12 January 2009, published in the Andalusian official gazette (Boletín Oficial de la Junta de Andalucía, BOJA) No. 15 on 23 January 2009.

The relevant parts of the Decree are the following:

Coat of arms: In the middle Hercules clad with a lion's fur flanked by two other lions he holds by the mane, a column on each side bearing the writing: "Non plus ultra," and, on the border, the other inscription "Hercules Fundator Gadium Dominatorque." The shield surmounted by a Duke's cap.
Flag: Rectangular, crimson red, with the municipal coat of arms in the middle.

The symbols should be registered on the Andalusian Register of Local Entities, with their official written description and graphics (as originally submitted, but unfortunately not apprended to the Decree.

Source: BOJA, No. 15, p. 66, 23 Jan 2009

Ivan Sache, 28 Jun 2009

Cádiz has a plain purple (RGB 153/0/48) flag with the coat of arms in its centre.

The coat of arms used upon flag is a 19th-century version, as reported by Luis de Igartuburuu ("Manual de la Provincia de Cádiz ”," Cádiz 1847) and Francisco Piferrer ("Trofeo Heroico”," Madrid 1860). According to “Actas Capitulares del Ayuntaminento, año 1871, folio 174 vto. punto 7°” the columns had been removed in that year. In [dyo69] you can see an image of that version on p.116. It is however not clear whether the inscription upon the columns should be “Plus ultra” or “Non plus ultra”.

According to a legend of the ancient Greeks, Africa and Europe had been connected by an isthmus. By using his enormous powers Hercules divided Africa and Europe and created the street of Gibraltar. The two columns are symbolizing the mountains Abyla (in Africa, nowadays Jebel Muza) and Calpe (in Spain, nowadays Peñon in Gibraltar) The two lions also symbolize both mountains. As the world was considered as land surrounded by an ocean, which was inhabited by monsters, a motto was placed upon the columns, saying “Non plus ultra” (Don’t move on further) which was changed, probably after 1492, to “Plus ultra” (Even further).

Source: [dyo69]; p.115f

According to [dyo69], p.120, the current coat of arms is different: “In a silver field the figure of Hercules in natural colour, dressed in a lion’s fur, trying to separate two other (combatant) lions moving towards one another. At his feet is a black mace. In a golden bordure is the black inscription “HERCULES FUNDATOR GADIUM DOMINATORQUE.” On p.111 you can see an image, however the mace there is brownish.

I spotted this flag at various places in the walled city of Cádiz on 5 November 2009.

Klaus-Michael Schneider, 28 Nov 2009

Coat of Arms

The arms recall that Hercules was the mythic founder of the ancient town of Gades ("Hercules Founder and Ruler of Gades"), in fact a Phoenician colony. The Pillars (in Latin, "Columnae," lit. "Columns") of Hercules were the promontories flanking the Strait of Gibraltar, then the limit of the "known" world; therefore the motto, "No more beyond" (to be compared with "Plus Ultra" on the cognate Spanish coat of arms).

Ivan Sache, 28 Jun 2009

The coat of arms upon the flag has an oval shield surrounded by a golden (yellow) bordure with an inscription in black capitals in Latin: “HERCULES FUNDATOR GADIUM DOMINATORQUE” (Hercules founder of Cádiz and ruler thereof). The bordure is surrounded by a green garland of laurel. The shield is topped by a royal coronet. In the shield is Hercules dressed in the pelt of the Nemean lion, pushing aside two lions, all in natural colour. The background is golden (yellow) at the base (land), celestial blue at the top (sky and sea) once interrupted by a white/grayish ridge of mountains, probably symbolizing the African shore (though both columns are placed on the yellow Spanish side).

Klaus-Michael Schneider, 28 Nov 2009

Erroneous Version

[Cádiz city (Andalusia, Spain)]
image by José Luis Brugués

José Luis Cepero sent the flag of Cádiz to the Vexillum list, showing a differently shaped coat-of-arms then the FOTW version drawn image by José Luis Brugués. I asked him and Antonio Gutiérrez (who is currently researching and drawing the flags of all Spanish provincial capitals), and he sent a photo that shows an actual flag with the arms in oval shape. However, both Brugués' image in FOTW and Cepero's [original uncorrected rendition] are wrong as respects the field colour, which should be dark red rather than purple.

Santiago Dotor, 21 Sep 2005

I believe the field should be red, as the origin is the register flag of the Maritime Province of Cadiz, a completely red flag.

Jose C. Alegria, 21 Sep 2005

The violet version with a "normal" shield exists (photo), though I have not seen this version in Cádiz but in front of Hostal Sevillana in Chipiona.

Klaus-Michael Schneider, 28 Nov 2009

Royal Tennis Club of Cádiz

[Royal Tennis Club of Cádiz (Andalusia, Spain)]
image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 05 Dec 2009

The Royal Tennis Club of Cádiz (I cannot guarantee the exact name of the club) has a green flag with the club s logo in the centre. The logo is a red isosceles triangle, fimbriated white and pointing to the bottom. In the red field is an inscription consisting of two white concentric C's superimposed by an extra-long white T. The triangle is topped by a royal crown. I spotted this flag on 12 November 2009 in front of a club's tennis court.

Klaus-Michael Schneider, 05 Dec 2009

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