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Gdańsk city (Poland)

Pomorskie voivodship

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[Gdańsk 1996 flag] image by Adam Kromer, 20 Jul 2000 Other Gdańsk pages: See also:

Gdańsk 1996 flag

After 1996 Gdańsk use new city flag - I added gif.
Adam Kromer, 20 Jul 2000

Gdańsk (see: Free City of Danzig, 1919-1939) Danzig is German name and Gdańsk is Polish name, so Poles using name Gdańsk and Germans even today use Danzig.
Peter 'Mikolaj' Mikolajski, 18-Sep-00

Gdańsk pre 1996 flag

[Gdańsk flag] image by Antonio Martins, 22 May 1999

Gdańsk: Unlike on the site, the flag I saw there had the crown and crosses toward the hoist.
Luc Baronian, 18 May 1999

This is true, the crosses and the crown are toward the hoist.
Pascal Vagnat, 19 May 1999

It's like the independent era flag, in that case? And what about the exact design of the crown and crosses? Was it like in the FOTW-ws current flag of also like the between-wars version? Luc-Vartan Bartonian wrote me on 21 May 1999 ''Like the FOTW-ws current version.''

So, I'm sending a pl-gda.gif based on Jan Oskar Engene's image, with the crosses&crown shifted like in the between-wars version. The only problem was that Jan Oskar's images (probably sent a long time ago -- impossible to know when due to an ill editing policy that obscures the dates of image contributions...) had quite non standard dimensions: the current flag (the one I'm trying to correct from Luc's report) is 200x300 and the older variants (independent Danzig) are 219x322. Since I'm note sure about the precise relative dimensions and positions of the crosses&crown, I'll just send it on 200x300 and later we'll see, OK? Naturally, credits remains to Jan Oskar.
Antonio Martins, 22 May 1999

Gdańsk 14th century flag

[Gdańsk 14th century flag] image by Phil Nelson, 20 Feb 2000

From: Znamierowski: The World Encyclopedia of Flagś. Derived from gonfanons, originally red in color. In a banner form flown from the stern of the vessels, the mast carrying the gonfanon of the colors.
Phil Nelson, 20 Feb 2000

Gdańsk Actual Coat of Arms

[Gdańsk Actual Coat of Arms] image sent by Krzysztof Adamski, 15 Jun 2004

I noticed, that the Coat of Arms of The City of Gdańsk is out of date. The accual Coat of Arms of the city, or rather two Coats of Arms are attached to this e-mail.
Morover, here is presented the short history of the Coat of Arms of the City of Gdańsk.
Besides that, lower I put the rules of using the Symbols of the City of Gdańsk:

I. The Law to use the Flag and the Coat of Arms of the City of Gdańsk have:
1. The Authorities of the City of Gdańsk;
2. The Organization Services of Gdańsk;
3. The other services of the City;
4. The workers of the City Hall of Gdańsk and the Council-men of Gdańsk;
5. The private people;
6. The companies;
7. Others.

II. The President of the City may forbid using both of these Symbols if they're being used without honor or to the City's damage.

III. The Stamp of the City of Gdańsk may by used by:
1. The president of the City Council;
2. The President of the City of Gdańsk.
Krzysztof Adamski, 15 Jun 2004

I'm not sure what the writer thinks has changed. The shape of the crosses paty? Heraldically, this is not a change of coat of arms, just a different artistic interpretation. If the point is that the pictures attached to the email are current official patterns, that is worth noting, but shouldn't be interpreted as reflecting a change in the arms.
Joe McMillan, 16 Jun 2004

Gdańsk Actual Coat of Arms (2)

[Gdańsk Actual Coat of Arms (2)] image sent by Krzysztof Adamski, 15 Jun 2004

Gdańsk Coat of Arms

[Gdańsk Coat of Arms] image from this site, reported by Robert M. J. Czernkowski, 6 May 1999

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