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Jubaland (Somalia)

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Jubaland - flag proposals


image by Cai Zhenyuan, 11 Apr 2013

On the 28 February 2013, more than 500 delegates convened in Kismayo, Lower Juba region to attend the opening of a conference which would discuss and plan the proposed formation of Jubaland, also known as Jubaland (Somali: Jubbaland), the Juba Valley (Somali: Dooxada Jubba) or Azania (Somali: Azaaniya).  This is an autonomous region in southern Somalia. Its eastern border lies 40–60 km east of the Jubba River and stretches from Gedo to the Indian Ocean, while its western side flanks the North Eastern Province of Kenya.
Cai Zhenyuan, 11 Apr 2013

image by Ahmed Sh. Abdi Dahir, 04 Mar 2008

The following was submitted to www.flagid.org - website that provides for the registration of flags.
Vertical Tricolor Flag: Green; Red; Green. I kindly request you to include this flag of the newly established Provincial Regional Autonomy of Somalia (State under Federal Republic of Somalia). Authorities from the three Regions of Southern Somalia, namely the Gedo Region, Lower Jubba Region, and the Middle Jubba Region are working towards the unification of these Regions to make one unified Provincial Regional Authority. The Authority has already been named Jubaland and there is a competition to choose a flag.
I submit the following design for a flag of Jubaland - a vertical tricolour of green, red and green.
Ahmed Sh. Abdi Dahir, 04 Mar 2008

I am not familiar with situation in Somalia, so I checked Somali pages on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jubaland) which shows a vertical red and green bicolour with white star. I am not sure what is the status of the flag.
Ivan Sarajcic, 04 Mar 2008

"Independent" Jubaland (1998 - 2001)


image by Ivan Sarajcic, 06 Mar 2008

Among the flags of short-living separatist entities in Somalia should be added that of Jubaland.  This is territory in the south of Somalia, along Juba (Giubbe) river, with area about 80 000 km2 and more than one million inhabitants.  The capital is Chisimaio.  Jubaland was a part of British East Africa until 1925 when it was ceded to Italy as a compensation for its help in World War I and subsequently Jubaland  became a part of Italian Somalia. In 1998, one of the Somali warlords, Mohamed Said Hersi Morgan, gained control over Jubaland and proclaimed an independent republic  This was not recognized by anybody. The flag chosen to represent the independent state was divided vertically into red and green with a white five-pointed star, in the same pattern as on the Somali national flag, in center. In 1999, the Juba Valley Alliance, led by Ahmed Warsame, overthrew Morgan and in the 2001 the Jubaland republic ceased to exist following a treaty with the Somali provisional government. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jubaland).
Jakub Grombíø, 06 Mar 2008

The region has been the site of numerous battles in the ongoing Somali Civil War and was briefly declared independent in 1998-1999. As of early 2008, the region is under nominal control of the Somali Transitional Federal Government.
Garry M Borgacci, 05 May 2008

[It cannot be confirmed whether this flag ever existed - Ed].

Jubaland State of Somalia (1998 - 1999)

image by Cai Zhenyuan, 13 Mar 2011

Jubbaland (1) (Jubaland) was established on December 19, 2010 in Minnesota, USA. Its goal is to govern Bay, Bakool, Lower Jubba, Gedo and Middle Jubba regions. Mohamed Rashid Haji Ali is the president of
this administration.

Jubbaland (2) (Jubaland) was established in January 2012 is considered a rival regional to the state of Azania. Jubbaland desires to rule Lower Jubba, Gedo and Middle Jubba. Mohamed Farah Du'aaleh is the president, but is not as well known as Mohamed Abdi Gandhi, the leader of Azania, who has links with Ethiopia and Kenya. Jubbaland has no direct contact with these countries who support pro-government militias including the ASWJ and Ras Kamboni fighting against al-Shabaab in lower Jubba and Middle Jubba. Unlike Azania, Jubbaland has the support of the local people in the regions who are reportedly suspicious of Azania's links with Kenya.
Cai Zhenyuan, 16 July 2013

According to Wikipedia, those factions loyal to Siad Barre, especially amongst his own Marehan clan, formed the Somali National Front (SNF) after he was deposed from power, were based primarily in this region, where they withdrew following the end of the civil war.  Around Kismayo there was fighting between the fleeing Darood sub-clans from Mogadishu for the control of the city, the northern Harti clans led by Mohamed Hersi Morgan and his SPM militia, and the Marehan clans led by Ahmed Warsame and his SNF militia. SPM-Harti withdrew from the city the following the loss of the war. The state of Jubaland was established on 03 September 1998 using flag divided vertically blue and dark green with a white five pointed star on the blue stripe.  This government survived less than a year before being driven out by the several factions of the Somali National Front, forming a new united regime over all of Jubaland known as the Juba Valley Alliance (JVA) on 11 June 1999.  The JVA chose to join the Transitional National Government (TNG) in 18 June 2001, but in January 2006 they changed their minds and formed their own autonomous state of Jubaland.  This state lasted less than a year as the Union of Islamic Courts brought over to their side numerous factions of the JVA and took over Kismayo without firing a shot on 24 September 2006.
Cai Zhenyuan, 13 Mar 2011

Jubaland Initiative (2010)

image by Cai Zhenyuan, 13 Mar 2011

In 2010, residents of Somalia's Juba region established a new secular regional administration. This Jubaland Initiative was created to bring about local stability, in the model of the autonomous Puntland and Somaliland regions in the northern part of the country.  Kenya is reportedly interested in helping develop the new regional administration so as to establish a buffer zone between it and the Islamist insurgency in southern Somalia. However, neighboring Ethiopia is reportedly unhappy about the Jubaland Initiative and Kenya's involvement in it, as it fears that the project will have an effect on its own military struggle against rebels in the Somali-inhabited Ogaden region, who seek independence.
Cai Zhenyuan, 13 Mar 2011

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